SUNNY SCHOOL is one of the leading online learning training center in Armenia.

We offer high quality C ++, Net/ C#, Web (HTML/CSS), JavaScript,  React.JS,  Node.JS, Python, iOS, Android, Machine Learning, English, Russian, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE courses.

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  • Full e-Learning opportunity
  • One free trial lesson
  • Knowledgeable professionals, with teaching experience
  • Training materials are provided by the center
  • Flexible Payment System
  • Discount opportunity
  • Provision of graduation certificates;
  • Long-term activity (more than 9 years)
  • Technically equipped auditoriums



Basic of Programming

C, C++

Programming Languages

JAVA, Python, C#



Our Courses:

 SUNNY SCHOOL Training Center offers the following trainings:

“The role of Sunny in my studies is enormous. It is perhaps the only one in its field where there are combined affordability and high efficiency. Here I met a loving attitude and a warm atmosphere towards everyone.”


“All the conditions necessary for reaching the desired result are in the center of the Sunny School Educational Center, first of all, the professors are outstanding not only with their professional knowledge but also with the necessary skills to conduct the class, which results in an atmosphere where there isn’t any tension and at the same time there is a compulsory responsibility. Here is affordable price and high quality”


“English today is an international means of mutual understanding. Many young people have the goal to continue their education abroad. I have chosen SUNNY SCHOOL Training Center for my goals, where I am enjoying it with great pleasure. There is a positive, inspirational, instructive atmosphere here. We teach high quality professionals dedicated to their work, and I have great respect towards them. They do their best to teach us correct and literate English.”


“The student of the SUNNY SCHOOL Training Center told me that she liked the procedure and the way she was taught. I applied for this center, now studying English and the positive reviews about the center are justified. Let me also note that I am here with great pleasure, even after a hard and long working day. All this contributes to the positive and distinctive atmosphere inside the center, the teaching style and the individual approach to each student.”


“The SUNNY SCHOOL Training Center enables its students to acquire strong linguistic knowledge through its well-coordinated and consistent work and, of course, through its highly-qualified specialists. Today, there are few educational centers in Armenia that can provide a sufficient amount of knowledge in short time and at low prices.”