Professional English  courses

Sunny School educational center conducts  specialised  courses of English especially

  • IT English
  • Business English
  • Financial English

The course is for

The ones who have the knowledge of English above mid-level (above B1):We work with materials published by the University of Longman.

Our aim is to improve everyone’s speaking skills of English in each sphere.

By participating in the lessons, your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills of English will be improved.  Here we use online platforms which help  to  improve the vocabulary.

By participating in the courses, your writing, listening, reading and speaking skills will be improved with the terminology of the spheres. Here we use online systems which help to improve the specializedvocabulary

The methodology

  • On-line tools(quizlet)
  • Listening (audio)
  • Videos (video, movie)

The structure of the course


1-2 level


2-3 months


Online (online)

The hours

12hours / monthly
3 hours / weekly


lessons 35000 AMD
8 lessons monthly

The advantages of the course:

  • Teaching based on international standards
  • Free provision of the books and e-materials
  • Professional team with big teaching experience
  • Tech-equipped classrooms
  • Possibility of a trial lesson
  • Individual approach
  • Flexible schedule
  • Possibility to conduct online lessons
  • Possibility to conduct lessons in the workplace by collaborating with organizations